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  • Find secret doors of hidden elevators

  • Solve different puzzles while searching for answers

  • Enjoy hidden spots and their views

Alternative tour


  • You will enjoy an adventurous experience which aims to reveal the hidden places in Sofia that only some locals know of by solving different puzzles on your way. The tour includes first a treasure hunt that pushes you towards interacting with locals and fitting the right pieces of the Sofia puzzle, so that you fully understand the city. Later on, you can join the second part, in which a guide will lead you through your personal experience.
  • To take part in the tour you need to get your starter pack from Gifted urban culture hub, 24 Ivan Denkoglu str. One starter pack costs 10 EUR and can be used by up to 3 people. In one starter pack there is one ticket for the second part of the tour. Additional ticket for the second part costs 4 EUR (you can get that at Gifted urban culture hub).
  • The first part of the tour gives you the liberty to be an explorer and puzzle solver, interacting with locals, revealing hidden gems in unexpected places and enjoy the city at you own pace. You can do the first part every single day from 3 PM until 6:00 PM. The suggested time to complete all the tasks included in your starter pack is 2.5 – 3 hours. The second part is the one that reveals all the secrets. With the help of one of our guides you will be led through your personal experience, get the chance to meet with other alternative travelers and finally complete the missing pieces of the puzzle of alternative Sofia. The second part takes place every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 PM until 7 PM.
  • Both parts start at Gifted urban culture hub. See you soon!

  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • 3:00 PM

  • 3 - 4 Hours

  • Sofia, Ivan Denkoglu st 24



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